Platon RivellisYou have visited
the web site of a photographer
who, simultaneously and interdependently,
teaches and writes about photography.
Those three activities consist of the nucleus of my life and the complex content of this site.

It took the first thirty years of my life to realize that three are the things which make me happy. The emotion of art, contact with nature and true relationships with the people around me.

I photograph so as not to be a simple spectator of art and in order to become a small master like the great ones I admire. I live, some years now, on a Greek island of the Cyclades so as to be able to see everyday the different colours of the sea and the sky.

I became a teacher of photography in order to share with others the preoccupations and emotions which art offers me. Part of this communication are the books which I write and publish.

The austerity of form, the mystery of essence, the absence of answers, distrust of all kinds of messages, the quest for emotion beyond sentiment, abstraction as a means and transcendence as a goal consist of my credo in life, but also in art.

In this site one can see my photographs and read my thoughts on photography and the cinema, arts which I think I know more thoroughly.